MedWater | Teaching basic hygiene
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MedWater teaches hygiene

16 Jul Teaching basic hygiene

When you were little who taught you to wash your hands?

Most likely it was your mom. Mothers all over the world are the leaders and guides for teaching and giving guidance on the most important things in life. In San Pedro, Ecuador we spent a week with the mothers of the community going from house to house installing Tippy Taps, which are handless washing stations that can be built with sticks, rope and a clean container. This young mother was so excited to put one in her yard and share with her beautiful daughter. With soap in hand, mom began to demonstrate how to appropriately wash her hands before dinner.

The MedWater model for WASH education is helping communities become the solution to improving everyone’s health.

MedWater loves to see knowledge shared as we accompany these communities on the path of learning and behavior change with the MedWater WASH model.

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