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MedWater Model

13 Jul Juan

MedWater met Juan in June 2013 on our initial trip to Ecuador. Juan is a leader for his community of Los Rios. MedWater worked with Los Rios and Juan to complete the safe water distribution system and implement the MedWater WASH model into their lives. Juan is a remarkable character, his beautiful green eyes shine with the desire to see his community be better.

We were so impressed by his leadership and desire that we asked Juan if he would be travel with us to other communities and teach what he has learned.

Juan has now traveled to each community we have worked in, teaching in his language and sharing how important WASH education and safe water have become to Los Rios.

Juan is the future of MedWater in Ecuador, our hopes and goals are to have more like him who can teach communities the MedWater model.

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