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27 Jan MedWater in Uganda with KWDT

Training with community leaders. We had 18 in the workshop this day to train on the use of the chlorinator system, all leaders from each  KWDT community. It was a rather large group to get much hands on experience, but what they did come away with...

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23 Jan MedWater in Uganda

We arrived about an hour and a half late but were still greeted at the airport by our driver.  All luggage arrived with no problems.  Coming through customs we were asked for a receipt for the chlorinators, which we did not have.  We chatted a...

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18 Jan Taking the MedWater model to Uganda

Lynn Smith and Deborah This week, MedWater will expand it’s work to Africa, with the development of a collaboration with Katosi Women Development Trust in Uganda. This collaboration will help strengthen the capacity of KWDT women to create access to safe drinking water for local families...

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MedWater teaches hygiene

16 Jul Teaching basic hygiene

When you were little who taught you to wash your hands? Most likely it was your mom. Mothers all over the world are the leaders and guides for teaching and giving guidance on the most important things in life. In San Pedro, Ecuador we spent a...

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14 Jul The Tippy Tap

Tippy Taps ( are hand free washing stations that are especially appropriate for rural areas or even your own backyard near the garden. While MedWater was in San Pedro, Ecuador in February. Fernando, a community water council member spent all week with us working on...

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MedWater Model

13 Jul Juan

MedWater met Juan in June 2013 on our initial trip to Ecuador. Juan is a leader for his community of Los Rios. MedWater worked with Los Rios and Juan to complete the safe water distribution system and implement the MedWater WASH model into their lives....

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Hygiene MedWater

13 Jul Need a clean cup?

What is this was your kitchen sink? This photo was taken in the community of Jatun Ukru, Ecuador and made a profound effect upon the work MedWater focuses on. It affirmed the importance of basic hygiene being taught  first in communities when developing the MedWater model. This young...

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MedWater Galeras

06 Jul Galeras

Galeras, Ecuador, population 300 or so, is one of the most rural communities gotten to know . Being isolated in the Amazon Jungle seems to contribute to a range of factors including low incomes, reduced levels of education and reduced awareness about concepts such as...

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16 May Local Hospitality

When MedWater finds partners, the giving goes both ways. Not only do your contributions make MedWater’s work possible, the local people are generous to their MedWater guests with meals and hospitality.  Appropriate development is not just a two-way street; it is a two-way treat! Don’t...

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MedWater's Ernesto and child

16 May Caterpillar!

Caterpillar! Who can ever imagine the change that will be the butterfly? Imagine this girl’s amazement when her community, Mushuk Allpa, is transformed by their own efforts -- in partnership with MedWater.  Simple hygiene improves health and sufficient clean water brings the freedom to enjoy...

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16 May Sweat Equity

“Sweat equity” brings safe water! Women and children all over the world have long-carried the heavy burden of providing water.  Angela , from Mushul Allpa, Ecudaor, is no stranger to such hard work. She and the other women were literally “in the trenches” for their...

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16 May Meet Tammy Truong

Dear partner-friends, meet Tammy Truong! Folks with heart are the heart of MedWater and our chests are bursting with pride to introduce you to Tammy as our MedWater Ecuador Country Director. She brings her seasoned skills and focused passion for building relationships, site-appropriate development, and...

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