MedWater | A Collaborative Model
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MedWater’s vision is to bring together the primary stakeholders for change – medical providers, government services, community leadership, and YOU – to create access to safe water, and improve basic sanitation and hygiene practices. Safe Water is Good Medicine. Give Local – Affect Global!


MedWater focuses on community development to improve safe water distribution and public health education; working collaboratively with medical and health organizations, and government services. We are excited to offer a model which includes:

♦  Clearly outlined commitments to “on site” support in order to nurture relationships and active community development and ownership of safe water distribution and public health education.

♦  Monitoring and Evaluation procedures to gather data on the progress of community health, on-going education and sustainable safe water programs.

MedWater began in a collaboration with the excellent Indianapolis-based Timmy Global Health in the Ecuadorian Amazon. That collaboration was very successful with five communities managing safe water stations and sanitation improvements. The MedWater model caught the attention of other communities and municipalities. To respond to requests MedWater Ecuador was established in Ecuador in 2016.

MedWater is a significant breakthrough for community based sustainable development. You are invited to participate! Please contact us for more information.

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