About This Project


Medwater was founded in 2013 in response to the observed challenge that medical brigade teams cannot consistently reduce disease without basic water and sanitation interventions. Investments in public health prevention can have a direct impact on the types of diseases medical teams treat with each quarterly trip. With reductions in infections, families can live happier, healthier lives.


A common approach to development involves outside agencies placing priorities and goals on communities. Our approach to WASH programming is unique. Stakeholders collaborate to connect the community with government, non-profit and medical sectors. Programming, however is driven by the community. When a community is provided with the tools and support to achieve their own goals, the outcomes become sustainable.


MedWater safe water station

Safe Water Station in Galeras

In our collaborative strategy the community becomes the principal collaborator. Medwater provides technical know how and basic health education. Governments and medical agencies assist and provide financial support. However, by listening to communities we learn to allow them to do what is already in them to do.


MedWater has a vision to create truly sustainable water, sanitation, and hygiene programming. Through thoughtful collaboration, communities will identify what they need and have the facilitation and tools to achieve their goals.

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