Raya Yaku

The community of RaYa Yaku inaugurates it’s safe water distribution station with speeches from community leaders, the President of Chontapunta township, and Fundación MedWater staff. It is the occasion for distributing the water backpack so that safe water remains safe in the home


Deborah Payne, MedWater Director of Health Education jams with musicians in Galeras.


The song is about Nungüi, the goddess of the earth. It is a request to the mother earth to help the one who is singing to find fertile ground.

WASH education in Runashito

Lucila, Fundación MedWater staff teaching the WASH curriculum to the Community Water Council and other interested community members. Lucila was trained at the MedWater training for Community Health Promoter’s in April 2014.

Checking the water source

Stadler Richter Hospital

Celebration in Mushuk Allpa

Traditional costume and dance at celebration for safe water station in Mushuk Allpa.

Tippy Tap

Washing hands is one of the best ways of reducing diarrhea in communities that lack access to safe water. The Tippy Tap is a easy to build and locate near latrines and houses so that hand washing can be much easier.

Earthquake April 2016

In the spirit of doing what we can, from where we are, and knowing that our actions provide hope for the rebuilding of the country, hope for the survivors who have lost their home and their loved ones. We go, because we believe the saying ‘hoy por ti, manana por mi’ Today it’s you, tomorrow it could be me.

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